Make-Up Gym

So, think some of us are still stuck in ‘lockdown head’ mode. A strange mental and physical glue like coating still remains I fear. I see it around me in friends, family, colleagues and out and about in shops and cafes. I talk about it with some people, some are aware and nod slowly and sadly. Others are like ‘no we’re back to the new normal’. Deeply depressing.

God I miss the theatre of life and the ‘suspension of disbelief’ we had in 2019, life was on!

Some say they have to push themselves daily to push through an invisible fog to get back to a 2019 vibe/energy/feel/movement.

I notice it in my Make-up school here in Mumbai.

Our teachers and trainers and artists have to push themselves and are aware of it.

What is noticeable post lockdowns and the last 3 years is our students scroll on their devices more then they practice their craft. An invisible, soul sucking lethargy has crept in. Zombification? How to get them out of it? Get the fire in their bellies back.

We push them to create face charts, keep a creative journal, a sketchbook. We advise them to exercise like an artists and have a daily discipline. We have so many hashtags going #thinklikeanartist #playlikeanartist #exerciselikeanartist #movelikeanartist #designlikeanartist #createlikeanartist

The smart phones and scrolling and FOMO and instant images seem to be currently winning.

We have just started a Make-up Gym in our studio and online to see if this gets the kids moving again. Encouraging them to get off phones and screens and come and play. Exercise their creative muscles, keeping fit and charged.

Essential to play!

As an artist if you don’t play, move your hands, experiment then you will not succeed in this highly competitive field.

Is the machine winning? Artist vs. Machine? Got to keep your hands and brains moving and thinking creatively. Essential to survive.

Will our Make-up Gyms work? Ha…let’s see. Watch this space. Creative jam sessions coming soon!
Keep moving people, keep moving.



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