Project: Love Sonia

Turning Freida Pinto, sculpted by the gods, into a gritty character called Rashmi from Mumbai’s red light district.

Project: Love Sonia
Director: Tabrez Noorani
Producer: David Womark

Complete collaboration between actor, director, costume, camera, production and make-up/hair. Me.

Tabrez and David said ‘we don’t want to see it’s Freida’.

Deconstruction of beauty and breaking up of perfection.

Chipped nails and blunt eyeline strokes — Pc: Virginia Holmes

Aiming for reality, invisible characterisation, so the audience sees just “Rashmi”.

We used real life references. Real life hair decs, make-up colours and textures from the red light district to keep it authentic.

Make-up HQ | Moolchand’s make-van Mumbai – Pc: Virginia Holmes

Make-up applied as if Rashmi was doing it herself. Sharp, agitated strokes to create a hardness and brutality and lip colour roughly applied with her fingers.

Nails chipped. Aiming for imperfection.

Hair styled up and as if ‘done’ by her, loose tendils curled to create a slight Bombay street ‘glam’. Flower in hair to camp her up.

Red lips, red nails, red light.

Loved the challenge. Love transformations!