Hairstyling & Makeup Workshops

Our workshops are designed for anyone who wants to learn make-up for themselves, or to refresh their existing skills with new products, tools, techniques, tricks and tips. We know your life changes, we know your make-up kit reflects that change.

Let us help you evolve creatively.

“Make-up evolution is simply going with the flow of changes in your life and adapting your beauty routine creatively, harmoniously”

We run make-up and hairstyling workshops all over India and can tailor make them to suit you and your party, event. Whatever your age!

We’d love to hear from you so you can tell us what YOU want to learn.

Workshops are run by our in-house Dolly Green artists and visiting Indian and international artists.

All artists have a ‘Green’ approach to beauty and will let you know about cruelty-free, clean and kind products.


You are a Dolly Grad!