The Dolly Green Team



Academy Director, Mumbai

Our Mumbai Dolly-in-Chief! Marian runs the core training of our Dolly Green Mumbai Academy ensuring students are nurtured and guided in the right creative direction. She has worked as fat mu’s chief trainer and has freelanced on shoots, bridals, events, shows such as Lakme Fashion Week, GQ Awards.



Asst. Academy Director

Rashmi is an all-round creative whizz. Having worked at fat mu for a decade she brings to Dolly Green her passion for make-up and its artistry. She helps run classes, works on co-ordinating the Dolly Green team and the Dolly Grads. She ensures our Academy runs smoothly and that our students are guided in the right direction after graduation. Rashmi works closely with Virginia and Marian in helping young artists get opportunities and jobs. She feels the after-care of the Academy is as essential as the core learning.



Chief Hair Trainer

Johitt works as a freelance make-up and hair artist, working on bridals, shoots and events. His passion is teaching and we love having him as our main trainer on the 6 Week Pro Hair Styling course. We are lucky to have his skill,artistry and wonderful, giving spirit in the classroom.



In-house Artist

Komal is a Dolly Green all-rounder. She assists in class with the make-up sessions but her main love is hair styling. She is fat mu trained and has worked on student shoots as well as TVCs and events. She joined the Dolly Green team and is a vital member of our creative body.



Student Administrator

Sandra is the first person you will meet at Dolly Green. She is always there to talk you through new courses and workshops and help guide you with any questions you may have. Having worked at the fat mu Academy for almost a decade she has years of experience with helping new students and our Dolly Grads in the right direction.



Visiting Trainer

Neha loves thinking out of the box and her mind is always actively thinking in a stylish, imaginative way. She decided to channel her creative streak into make-up and trained at fat mu in 2012. She has freelanced working on bridals, glamour events, TVCs, films. She worked at fat mu as a trainer/artist and now the Dolly Green Academy.



Visiting Trainer

Lulu was trained at fat mu and worked as a trainer/artist til 2020. Lulu is a visiting trainer/artist at the Dolly Green Academy and brings the best of her beauty and corporate background skills to each class as well as her humour and creativity. She has freelanced for Lakme Fashion Week, GQ Awards, amongst numerous TVCs, films and bridals.



Academy Director, Kolkata

Soma is our Kolkata based Dolly-in-Chief and runs Dolly Green designed bridal, beauty and fashion courses and workshops. She is at heart an artist and her passion is her craft and sharing her knowledge with students. She loves teaching and looks forward to running mobile classes pan-India. Watch this space!



Visiting Trainer

Rukhshaad has worked in all areas of make-up from films, TVCs to fashion shows, bridals, events and teaching. Trained at fat mu Academy and then freelancing, she has over a decade of experience out on the creative front-line. She brings to the classroom her talent, skills, knowledge and all-important creative wisdom.



Visiting Trainer

This make-up queen is creatively mature beyond her years. Started as a young MU-ette at fat mu then worked and trained out on the field on film sets, fashion shows, bridals, events. She pursued her passion for make-up and hair and sfx by doing further studies at The Delamar Academy London and now freelances and designs here in India. She who dares wins!



Visiting Trainer

Neelam just LOVES make-up! She has a passion for products, brands and really has a fantastic knowledge of international trends and techniques. Love seeing how she works and what new make-up delights she has in her kit. We can’t keep up! fat mu trained on sets, shows, events and now freelancing. She loves teaching and dipping into the classroom to show students new skills.


Vibhuti Singh

Visiting Trainer

Vibhuti really is the ultimate adventurous artist, constantly exploring and experimenting with make-up and beyond. She graduated from the fat mu Academy and has worked as a freelancing in the industry for nearly a decade in fashion and film. She embraces new technology and really loves to show to students how to think and play like an artist.