Student Testimonials

Srushti Shetty

Class 1 | Mumbai

6 Weeks Hair Styling Course
“Johitt sir has been so calm and sweet throughout the entire course. He is been so approachable and comforting. His knowledge about the subject and skills makes me want to keep learning from him. He is so calm. Love him!! Can’t really pin point, I mean everything has been so great. I think its all because of Johitt sir though, he made it all so easy the techniques, the learning everything. Learnt a lot from him, not just hair. He is amazing human”

Shraddha Shah

Class 2 | Mumbai

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course
“I am so happy to be a part of Dolly Green (Don’t be so good that we cannot leave you people) haha…. The best part was you made us do doodles in the beginning so at the end of course we were better in our work. Also, it was fun learning from Marian and also meet other different people”

Srushti Shetty

Class 2 | Mumbai

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course
“The course has been beyond anything I could ever imagine, never thought I could do all the things I’ve learnt, I’m still shocked. And the trainer Marian ma’am has been the best thing that ever happened to this course and to me. She is been the best Supporter, Teacher and Motivation. I don’t think it could get any better, this is already the Best, (maybe a little more snack breaks) I think I need a separate section to talk about the trainers especially Marian. She is the Best. I swear I can’t imagine ever learning so much without her. She is the only reason I have learnt as much as I did”

Ria Oberoi

Class 3 | Rajasthan

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course
“The trainers are very knowledgeable about the field. The course is designed well, with attention paid to all topics. The classroom makes us excited to do make-up! The best part were the people and I have made some really good friends, thanks to the whole course”

Akshali Mithagari

Class 3 | Mumbai

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course
“It was a great experience. All the trainers were very good. For me the best part was the doodle exercise, it use to help to calm down (the mind)”

Shraddha Sahu

Class 3 | Chhattisgarh (Bilaspur)

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course “Each and every part of the course was very interesting”

Mitali Divde

Class 4 | Mumbai

8 Weeks Pro Make-up Course
“Dolly Green is amazing. I loved my teachers and my experience. I had a great time while learning so many things that I can do with make-up. I enjoyed the class so much and Marian is amazing”

Sheeba Miraie


Refresher Week
“It has been the most fulfilling week for me to refresh my knowledge along with practice. literally grateful to Marian for patiently dispelling all my doubts and reinforcing the much needed confidence in me. I have thoroughly enjoyed class. Everything is very well explained, given the practice to instil the confidence. Attention to minute details, techniques are super easy to understand and put to practice. Dolly green is Fab! For anyone wanting to understand make-up for one self or as a career Dolly Green is the place to be. Grateful to all at Dolly Green. Hands Down!!”

Dipps Gudka


Online Sessions
“It was a great experience. Very refreshing and freeing. Also, since I was alone here it was beautiful to connect with other artist. I’d love to exp Soma meditative Art”

Raahat Peshawaria


Online Sessions
“It was fun, engaging and interactive session. Gained knowledge about art deco and encouraged innovation in our creative practice. All in all, it was great getting inspired by the artwork/shapes and painting on the face charts”