Mrunal Thakur


“Make-up is not just about putting on a base, mascara, eye lashes or contouring. It’s about putting on a brave and confident face. It’s not just about enhancing your beauty but your strength. That’s why it’s very important to have a right person as your make-up artist. When I started filming for the project Love Sonia I was not very sure about the whole thing because make-up was one of the key factors and I had no idea how I am going to look in a tanned village girl attire. Virginia transformed my whole personality and the kind of detailing she has done for this make-up was commendable. She not only took care of the look but also consulted me about what my skin is sensitive to and accordingly she used good products and base so that my skin remained unaffected. How considerate of her and very few people in this trade do that. So I can definitely say it proudly that Virginia has designed my look for my dream debut and I would love to work with her and her team in all my future projects”

Danny boyle


“Natasha and Virginia are uniquely positioned to appreciate and service the converging worlds of Indian films, Bollywood if you like, and the English language film making of Britain and the USA. Both have extensive experience of those worlds and on Slumdog Millionaire helped me overcome any worries I might have about bridging both sensibilities. Beyond the politics they are superb artists sensitive to the actors and both supportive and suggestive to the director about approach, vision and execution. Damn fine people too, always there when you need them, and with accomplished assistants, you would be insane not to use them!”