Experts are experts in a past version of the world

So, think some of us are still stuck in ‘lockdown head’ mode. A strange mental and physical glue like coating still remains I fear. I see it around me in friends, family, colleagues and out and about in shops and cafes. I talk about it with some people, some are aware and nod slowly and sadly. Others are like ‘no we’re back to the new normal’. Deeply depressing.

“Experts are experts in a past version of the world”

I have been a make-up artist since 2000.

I have worked in Film & TV. Fashion. Theatre and events. Bridal settings. I have set up 2 make-up Academies/Designories in India. I feel I have seen a lot in the last 25 years and have a very rich, eclectic range of experiences which have straddled the 20th and 21st centuries.

Am I ready for AI in my world of make-up artistry? Is anyone?

I read a tweet and a response on Twitter last week which resonated so much with me, it strangely calmed my fight or flight, current event horizon mood…

Danielle Fong:

“Reasonable people have imposter syndrome right now.
Experts are experts in a past version of the world.
The level of change is disorientating, and it’s real.
Few things are as they will forever be.
History moves in punctuated equilibria;
– our equilibrium is punctuated”

Alexandros Marinos replied:
“Everything is obsolete.
Good rule of thumb for where we are right now”

Everything is obsolete. A simple statement but utterly profound and huge and vacuous. I can almost feel myself falling into a bottomless pit with no boundaries.

Working in India, I look around and wonder constantly about the impact this new technology will have on us all. It’s a swirling blancmange in my head and I know I need to stay calm. How to keep a cool head?

I think acceptance is key.

Let’s add in good old fashioned common sense.

Courage is important too I think. Not to fear but to embrace the change and adapt accordingly, choosing your path forward carefully, thoughtfully.

Finding your tribe is also important. Surrounding yourself with good people especially in uncertain times will keep you grounded. Good old fashioned cliche, ‘birds of a feather flock together’. I will definitely be sticking to those golden words of wisdom.

I know I want to keep my head and humanity and not become a chipped, non-thinking being. I want to use my head, my thoughts, my essence to create. I am happy to let tech help me do this. ‘Help’ being an important word here.

I do not want it to over take me.

I see smart phones have changed us, good and bad. Are we smarter? Not sure. We know everything and nothing all at the same time.

Dystopia does not appeal. Bustling humanity does.

I want to be as creative as possible, can AI help me do that? Yes I imagine it will. But I am determined to keep my head and keep standing back and observing it as slowly as I can. Treading with caution.

We must trust in good people to pave the way forward. We must also be wary of those who choose to use AI in a malevolent manner.

“Everything is obsolete.
Good rule of thumb for where we are right now”

What a time to be alive. S/he or dares wins. Onwards, upwards. Etc. Etc.