Keeping a sketchbook is so good for you

The daily practice of playing in your sketchbook feeds your creativity…

Cannot tell you enough how important it is as a make-up/hair artist to have a creative journal/sketchbook. It makes you connect with your hands, brain, thoughts, soul every day. From doodling to intricate sketches, it all counts for something. You are connecting with your subconscious and you lose yourself in thought, be it a 2 min quick sketch or a 2 hour session. It is essential exercise. You will learn about different mediums, colours, shapes, textures, working your muscle memory and ensuring that you are ready for any creative challenge.

You have to exercise as an artist.

You need to use your skills every day and build your confidence up. Playing is so important and allows you to be creative. Take time out and lose yourself in the pages.

START TODAY! You will learn to love it and see the benefits.

Watch this video to start you off.